HARBOR: Love & Disaster Trilogy Book 2

When the floods come, can they find safe harbor in love?

No flirting. No Dating. No sex. Those are the rules pediatric surgeon Derek Foret lives by during his three-month fast from women. He’s determined to end the toxic dating patterns that kept him from true love. But when Amira plows into him at the airport, one look into her soulful eyes triggers Derek’s deepest longings, and he knows he’s in trouble. Now, he can’t get her out of his mind. 

Therapist Amira MacKenzie may be living in a state of overwhelm, but she can still recognize a player on sight. Yes, Derek’s voice settles into her skin like a soothing balm, but when she looks at him, all she sees is DANGER in a solid wall of muscle. Discovering her best friend is marrying his best friend doesn’t make her trust him. Besides, between helping families heal from trauma and raising a pre-teen alone, the last thing Amira needs is romance.When New Orleans floods, self-reliant Amira has no choice but to accept the safe harbor Derek offers her and her child. Stuck together for weeks, they can’t deny their growing feelings. But if Derek follows temptation and ends the fast early, both he and Amira will doubt he’s dropped his old habits. For their connection to flourish, Amira and Derek must learn to trust themselves, each other, and the relationship. 

Can Amira and Derek learn to tell the difference between the storms that rage outside and the ones they keep brewing inside their minds?

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Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7353484-5-2      Retail Price: $13.99
Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-7353484-6-9      Retail Price: $29.99

Publishing date: 6/21/22                              On Sale date: 6/21/22

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E ISBN: 978-1-7353484-4-5                       Retail Price: $3.99

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