Rebekah L. Fraser

Multi-media activist Rebekah L. Fraser graduated from Yale with a BA in Film Studies. She worked as a journalist for more than a decade, publishing 175 articles and essays before turning to fiction. In 2018, Fraser published The Orderly, a historical novel, and the nonfiction book A Farmer’s Guide to Climate Disruption. In 2020, she released the audiobook version of A Farmer’s Guide to Climate Disruption, along with a companion podcast, The Climate Smart Farming Show. She also published the e-booklet, How to Be Climate Smart: 30 Easy Tips. Fraser also serves groups and individuals as a creativity coach. Her Creativity Rx workbook is forthcoming in 2021.

Tara L. Roí

Tara L. Roí used to write for magazines, but she finds creating steamy romance novels with quirky characters way more fun. She gets her best ideas when she’s walking or doing yoga. When not writing, Tara indulges her passions for art, music, food & family.

Before she took the alter-ego author persona of Tara, the author published a historical novel and a nonfiction book about climate change using her real name. Tara’s first romance, For the Birds, was published in February 2020. As the world gets hotter, so do Tara’s novels. With, the Love & Disaster trilogy, Tara brings you glacier-melting romance.