A Farmer’s Guide to Climate Disruption

 We can thrive in the changing climate. 

Production & yield, pest & disease pressure, food quality, and population are all aspects of food security being affected by climate disruption. What can you do? Including interviews with some of the world’s top researchers in the field of agriculture, A Farmer’s Guide to Climate Disruption provides insight into how you can thrive in the changing climate by using produce growing methods that stem the tide of climate change while regenerating your land.

“A Farmer’s Guide to Climate Disruption weaves together science, anecdotes, and practical tips to explain the many issues farmers face as they try to continue growing the food we need in spite of water scarcity, more violent weather events, ecological change and sea level rise.  Farmers and others concerned about agriculture will find this book a valuable and accessible resource in confronting the many challenges stemming from global climate disruption.”

~ David M. Driesen, Professor, Syracuse University

“Very user-friendly in its organization and well-written…  A Farmer’s Guide to Climate Disruption brings many resources and ideas into one cohesive whole.”

~ Ann J. Adams, PhD, Executive Director, Holistic Management International

“An incredibly important book. We are already being affected by a changing climate and the role of farming will be essential to our survival. A Farmer’s Guide to Climate Disruption is a very valuable resource for farmers, ranchers, and land managers as it offers a multitude of tools, techniques and evidence-based practices that can be used to build resilience and adaptation.”

~ Andre Leu, International Director, Regeneration International

Audiobook ISBN: 978-17326187-9-4 Price: $12.95 USD (suggested)

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e-book ISBN: 978-1-7326187-3-2  Price: $6.99

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